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Existing Restrictions for Russia
Shipping to Russia is still available, however there are several exceptions banned for Russia and Belarus due to the sanctions. Do not forget to check the general list of prohibited items while creating a package.
Sanctioned items for Russia and Belarus
Here is a list of items considered as "luxury" that cannot be shipped to
Russia and Belarus:
  • Cosmetics and accessories (brushes, sponges, pads), including all skin care products and makeup products ("cosmetics and skin care products" definition)
  • All types of handbags made of ANY material, including textile, leather, artificial leather, plastic, etc.
  • Accessories (wallets, cases, cigarette cases and humidors, wallets, business card holders, keyholders, cosmetic bags, etc.) - made of genuine or artificial leather or plastic. Bags, suitcases, briefcases made of any material.
  • Backpacks made of genuine or artificial leather or with leather details.
  • Animal in any form (whole, trimmed, processed)
  • Articles made of animal fur and skins
  • Parts of animals and articles made of them (ivory, horns, feathers, etc.)
  • Strings for rackets
  • Diving equipment
  • Grand pianos
  • Travel tents more than 300$, travel blankets, travel mats
  • Antiques, paintings, art or collectibles over 100 years old
  • Any GPS devices or tracking devices
  • Blankets
  • Water filters
  • Laptops, tablets more than 750$
  • Apple Watch
  • Photo film
  • Figurines and other decorative items made of any material i.e. plastic, wood, porcelain, crystal, metal, wax
  • Silk (yarn, one piece fabrics and fabric wastes)
  • Cross stitch kits, needlework kits
  • Carpets and other textile floor or wall coverings more than 300$
  • Any clothes, shoes, hats and accessories made of any materials worth more than €300 for 1 unit
  • Tableware, kitchen utensils made of ceramics (including clay, lead crystal, porcelain, etc.)
  • Pearls, diamonds, gems
  • Precious metals
  • Jewelry made of precious metals, precious or semi-precious stones, imitation jewelry made of any material
  • Numismatics and philately collectibles (any coins, banknotes, stamps, checks, paper stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • Fountain pens, stylists
  • Watches more than 300$
  • Boat motors and engines, as well as repair parts for them
  • Snowmobiles, jet skis, water hoverboards (jets), as well as engines for them and spare parts
  • Motorcycles and repair parts for motorcycles
  • Cars, electric cars, scooters and spare parts for themBijouterie, hair accessories
  • More than 5 kg of food and food from the list
or any item from this list
What about electronics?
All shipping electronic devices must have one of these ECCN numbers: 5A991, 5A992, 4A994 or EAR99. Package recipient is obliged to fill in a special document, approving that this device is for personal usage only.
View example here.

All devices must be brand new and cost
less than €750 per each.
If you want to send a used device, please contact our Support Team and provide a link to the item in the store where you purchased it, so we could check if it is allowed for shipping to Russia.
Please, note that each device must be checked at the warehouse if it works ($5 per each)
According to Terms of Use, we open up all packages coming to the warehouse to check if there are any restricted items inside. We pack them back thoroughly to protect the parcels' content and make sure that recipients get their packages safe and sound. This may slightly increase the processing time for parcels in the warehouse.