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Feedback Promo Code Program
We are always ready to thank the client for the feedback about the service
What is the discount amount for the promo code?
Typically, it is $5 - $10

Fulfilla reserves the right to decide on how much and for what reviews award bonuses.
How to apply promo codes?
You can paste the promo code in the special field before paying for the parcel in your Personal Account.

Please, note that almost every promo code has a limited period of use.
Where can I leave my feedback?
For now, we give bonuses only for reviews left on the TrustPilot site.

After posting your review, please send us a link to it.
What should my review be like?
It is better to be detailed and useful and at least of 40 words. You may also mention a tracking number of a received parcel, if you would like.

Also, the review should not be exactly the same as your previous reviews or ones left on other websites.
Should I know something else?
By taking part in our Feedback Promo Code Program , you allow Fulfilla posting your reviews on our website or social media.